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DELIVERY: The audio you need. The format you choose.

If you want a CD sent overnight, just say "FedEx!" Want an entire ProTools session on CD or DVD-ROM? It's yours. If you want a cheap audio cassette sent via fourth class mail, who am I to argue? After all, I work for you (though I reserve the right to try to talk you out of that last one).

Most clients choose either 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz sample rates. Audio-based projects tend to use the former. Video projects use the latter. However, I can provide up to 96 kHz sampling if that's what your project requires. Also, be sure to specify 16- or 24-bit depth.

I recommend delivery in uncompressed data formats such as WAV, AIF, or SD2. While I can deliver MP3 files, and do so for review purposes, it's best to stay with professional, uncompressed formats throughout the production process so please check with the other members of your production team before requesting MP3s for final delivery.

Getting It From Here to There

Most clients prefer to download their audio as soon as it's ready. The easiest way to do that is in the Client Lounge.

Alternately, some clients prefer to use services such as YouSendIt or Still others prefer their files be sent as email attachments. File size may limit the use of email attachments, but I will do my best to honor your request.

Finally, if you prefer receiving a hard copy of the audio on CD or DVD, I can ship via FedEx, UPS, or USPS.